Accepted payments methods by department of commercial services are Paypal in automatically booking when you book your tour or hotel you will be directed to Paypal for payments.and for manual booking by contacting by Email or WhatsApp or from our Instagram account we accept Western union .

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There’s a manual reservation in “tour-checkout page” , Please complete the form and our agent agent will be in touch with you for find the best method for you to reserve.

Security deposit admitted by department of commercial services is 10% per tours’s price and 7% per Hotels’s price.

The Moroccan Dirham exchange rate is set by the central Bank of Morocco. Euros and Pounds sterling and are accepted by some larger traders. Traveller’s cheques are useful for emergencies but can be very time consuming to cash. A currency exchange slip is required to change back surplus Dirham.

There is no black money market in Morocco. … Euros and (US and CAD – not Australian) dollars are always accepted in Morocco and you will save time bringing cash, doing away with long slow bank lineups or non-active cash machines to acquire dirhams. You can also use your debit card at bank machines.

Upmarket restaurants, shops and hotels or riads in Morocco usually accept debit cards. Those that do are most likely to accept Visa or MasterCard however may apply a surcharge to cover the cost of processing your transaction. Amex is not a popular card.

Customize tour

Of course you can customize your Morocco tour
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Travel insurance should be obtained before leaving your country of origin. We don’t force anyone to purchase it. Local hospitals have limited diagnostic capability. Private clinics can be expensive, evacuation can cost a lot, luggage can disappear, so insurance is a good idea.


In a word, delicious. Salads are lovely; fresh, succulent vegetables served with light vinaigrette on the side. Harira is the Moroccan word for a thick vegetable soup. A particularly delicious one contains a bread dumpling. Main courses are usually one of the following: grilled meat on skewers often served with French fries; couscous, either vegetarian or meat with vegetables; and Tagine, the Moroccan stew, usually meat, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and spices. Moroccan cooks use a mélange of spices such as cumin, turmeric, paprika, saffron and pepper for a subtly flavored cuisine. In the Sahara you can find ‘Berber pizza’. This is a double crusted pie filled with meat, hard boiled eggs, almonds and spices. Sometimes rather peppery, Berber pizza is best eaten with glass after glass of hot, sweet, mint tea.

Every seaport has freshly caught fish prepared by the fishermen on or near the piers. Do not miss this treat! Fresh fruit is served for dessert; pomegranates, melons, bananas, apples, oranges and dates all produced in Morocco and all bursting with flavor. One ongoing benefit of the French occupation are the fresh baguettes available nearly everywhere. Pastries both French and Moroccan are available in the many bakeries.


Although a predominantly Muslim country, Morocco is not dry. Alcohol is available in restaurants, liquor stores, bars, supermarkets, clubs, hotels and discos. Some Moroccans enjoy a drink although it is disapproved in public places. The local brew of choice carries the highly original name of Casablanca Beer.


At Morocco Holidays company we recommend that you can relax and wear whatever is familiar and comfortable on the street at home. Morocco is very tolerant and welcoming to visitors, you’re not expected to act or look like a Moroccan. Longer shorts and shirts are fine for men. For women it’s a good idea to bring a scarf to cover bare shoulders and arms in rural villages. Shorts are not acceptable for women unless below knee length.
Rural people will be visibly embarrassed if you choose to dress with skin showing, and react with a muffled laugh or cover their eyes. In their view, you’re walking around in your underwear. City dwellers often dress as anywhere around globe.


At Morocco Holidays Agency use 4×4 vehicles, Toyota Land Cruisers or Mercedes Vito,Class, or similar for our private tours. SUV 4×4’s have lots of room and they seat 4 and 5 average sized people quite comfortably. All are within 5 years old and are routinely required to licensing and service checks through the Transport Touristic authority in Morocco. We use minibuses seating 14 or 17 passengers for shared group tours.
Our vehicles and drivers are assigned to tours on the basis of who is available when and where.
We can arrange for private transport to any location in Morocco. Our cars and drivers originate from Marrakech and Fes, also if you are staying in any location for an overnight, the car and driver must also stay as well. It will take one whole day for the car and driver to reach places like Tangier or Fez or Casablanca, so this cost must be included in a tour starting or finishing in locations of Marrakech, plus the drivers meals and hotel expenses.

Our drivers and guides languages

At Morocco Holidays company our guides/ drivers speak many languages such French, Spanish, and English and often some German, Italian and Portugues as well the native languages Berber and Arabic.
During high seasons: Christmas and New Years into the first week of January: Easter; and sometimes during October our English speaking drivers are in great demand.
Please us know about the languages you prefer before booking the trip.